What if we could experience emotional healing that leads to reduced stress, a balanced mental state and a more productive and fulfilling life? What if we could experience an intuitive system of knowledge that integrates the energy dynamics of modern physics with psychology and day-to-day self-awareness, mental clarity and insight? What if it is possible to create and experience an emotional "paradigm shift"?

The Millennium Knowledge & Healing Project is an exploration in self-awareness, perception, balanced emotional reflection and intuitive understanding. The Millennium Knowledge & Healing Project is a creative innovation of Alfred Korzybski's General Semantics, Flower Essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach and various experiences associated with meditation, Eastern philosophies and mind-body integration; the Project facilitates personal insight and intuition as well as mental analysis and academic achievement. I created the Millennium Knowledge & Healing Project as a set of curriculum resources and integrated concepts about the brain, emotions, nature and the nervous system, with presentations and experiential approaches that are adaptable for individuals, classrooms, small groups and organizations. I originally conceived of the Millennium Knowledge Project as an experimental tutoring program to help marginalized students excel in mainstream classrooms, and I found that the process was valuable for students and adults of all backgrounds. Some clients may be more interested in experiencing emotional well-being through the natural healing energies of Dr. Edward Bach's Flower Essences, which are more effectively approached in an individual context. Other aspects of the Millennium Knowledge & Healing Project can be used with small group workshops and classrooms, or in individual coaching and tutoring sessions, with or without using Flower Essences.

Some Millennium Knowledge & Healing Project topics include:

  1. Meditation, Brainwaves & the Human Nervous System
  2. Intelligence, Emotion & Neural Pathways in the Brain
  3. Thinking without Words and the Higher Mind
  4. Time-Space, Matter and Patterns of Perception
  5. Words, Images and Symbols in the New Millennium
  6. Negative Belief Patterns and Social Conditioning
  7. Flower Essences: Experiencing an Emotional Paradigm Shift