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Putting together a web site, an advertising campaign, a marketing theme, a brochure, promotional material or a social media strategy requires specialized writing skills. Working with an experienced copywriter makes the process easier, and provides you with feedback on how words and phrases evoke various emotional states and reactions. What's in a name or a title? How do you capture someone's attention and convey thoughts and feelings that resonate with your audience or target market? Quite often in developing web sites, it helps to have a trained writer to organize information, create evocative language and to translate complex ideas and large volumes of material into easy-to-understand terms.

I've done copywriting for large and small projects, from integrated television, radio and print advertisements to writing live stage presentations for promotional events, album releases and new product launches. Copywriting can involve something as simple as developing brochure or marketing themes for a business, product or service, or it can involve writing and editing articles for complex web sites, newsletters or publications or carefully integrated video, audio and multi-media productions.