James Ainsworth - Biography

As a journalist, writer and human services professional, my journeys through language, communication, interpersonal and cross-cultural experiences have led me to Africa as well as many extraordinary encounters in diverse communities and cultures in the United States and other countries. I strive to bring creativity, inspiration and insight to my work, whether it's producing an educational video, writing a documentary script, creating a web site or helping an organization develop a blog, newsletter or social media content.

I received my bachelor's degree in Social Work from Cornell University in 1981, and a general interest in education, human development and human services has always informed my world outlook, even though I eventually became a newspaper reporter and journalist. You can read my resume here, and see some of my articles on my blog. Throughout the 80s I had a long-standing interest in Africa, and in 1994 I went to Johannesburg, South Africa to witness the end of apartheid. I was captivated by Africa, and I lived in South Africa for 8 years, until 2002. While in Africa I did scriptwriting, video production, and copywriting for SABC and eTV, South Africa's main television broadcasters, and I worked with a wide range of businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, artists and entrepreneurs. I also did grantwriting and management consulting for community-based and non-governmental organizations.